Telephone Switch Board & Telephone Armoured Cables


The Telephone Switch Board Wires are used while interconnection of telephone, telegraph and electronic equipment in domestic and commercial buildings. These switch board wires are light in weight, smaller in diameter and excellent in chemical, moisture and heat resistance. It is also used in switch board wiring, industrial control panels and in various types of control apparatus.


Unarmoured/ Armoured Communication Telephone Cable, Annealed Tinned Electrolytic High Conductivity Copper Conductor PVC Insulated, Each Wire Twisted with its make to form a pair and each pair Twisted and Hunched together in concentric layers to minimise Cross Talk, Moisture Proof Untapped/Melinex Taped, PVC Sheathed with a Nylon Rip Cord confirming to 'TEC" specification No. G/WER/-0602 MAY 94.

Range:- 1 Pair to 100 Pair ( 0.41,0.51 & 0.61 mm)